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About GiNA LT

GiNA LT is still young, born with an interest, intensive learning ( supports learning all the life!), many years of experience, practical skills and knowledge accumulated, company.  GiNA LT is your assistant  in all the issues of rectruitment and selection. Since 2014 years we are in this process, following all the news, achieving the goals and reaching to be Your reliable business partner or individually.   

The labor market of 2018/2019 years demands us to be much more active and proactive, working with  both of sides: companies seeking new employees prompt filling free vacations, also employees - looking for a new possibilities of self-realization  and better work conditions provided.

VšĮ "GiNA LT" - easier and definitely affordable Your choice, finding a qualified and justified with all requirements and criteria,  your new colleague.

GiNA LT mission - vision - goals

Our mission  – social responsibility and  well-being not only in cities, but also in smaller towns of Lithuania. Reducing the level of unemployment by providing qualified and competent assistance for a rectruitment and selection of employees, including help for a job search.
In such a case shaping more developed, motivated and  more workable society.

Our vision – “a strong bridge”  between employees and employers.             

Our goals – knowing– how and what  you should do to find a suitable job or suitable  worker; to get all the necessary information about searching process while getting the competent consultation and help in this field;  qualified, quick and effective assistance in filling  vacancies.


GiNA LT Experience

Staff change as  a market change -  it constantly occurring. GiNA LT has opinion in such a case and does not follow the headlines or public phrases blindly.  We have our own opinion, especially bad/good experience  (sometimes it comes from others:), we usually "get out of the frames", what helps us to find the best people in the market.

There are many cases when  even a long term employee decides to look for something new and leaves the company, the same amount of a new one, who make decision to leave, as this place does not suits for his/her realization. The company has free vacation! Again... It starts the searching!

It always was and is going to be all the time. GiNA LT - nothing strange and nothing new in this are. We have always worked,  now  working and even further are going to work. HR - searching and selection is an are where we feel strong, competitive, constantly growing, developing, thinking, participating, reading, writing, learning,  searching, interacting, finding, offering, facilitating and  make all these steps  for YOU.


We proud we are brave, we are successful,  we are moving forward, improving, we are curies and make changes in all the areas!

Both of  sides - YOU and ME - GiNA LT


Sincerely YOURS,


"The bridge between reality and a dream is work. (Jared leto)